As we approach the blessed season of Christmas there is so much to celebrate and to be thankful for. Michael was released over nine months ago and he enjoys his freedom in ways that you and I most likely take for granted. The freedom to behold the beauty of wide open spaces, of sunrises and sunsets, quiet drives along the backroads of Oklahoma, listening to the restless sound of the autumn wind, or just sitting quietly on his porch as deer and wild turkey cross his front yard in the country. It is a peaceful life for a man at peace with himself.

Michael’s work, although physically taxing, gives him a great sense of accomplishment and purpose. Cattle ranching certainly seems to fit him well and the cows don’t ask many questions ….unless they are hungry. He enjoys the hard work and the long days. Most nights he is asleep before his head hits his pillow, with his dog Bo snoring right beside him. We truly believe that his new life was made possible by the support and prayers that each of you provided for Michael during his difficult time in prison.

While Michael is free to enjoy his life there is still much to be done. I am speaking of several other Soldiers who remain incarcerated in Leavenworth under similar circumstances as Michael. They too need to be lifted up and told they are meaningful and not forgotten. These Soldiers are part of what we call the “Leavenworth 10” and were also convicted of murder in war zones. Their alleged crimes were not massacres, but rather an instantaneous reaction to a threat against them or their Warrior Brothers. None of them had criminal records prior to their single military incident and we personally vouch that they are definitely not a threat to anyone. A few have been paroled, but several remain in prison with long sentences. You can read about their individual stories at A simple letter or a few dollars to their canteen accounts will go a long way to showing them that Americans still care about them. In this time of giving, please consider them a worthy cause for your prayers and support.

We sincerely hope that you are filled with joy and gratitude this holiday season and surrounded by all those you hold dear.

Merry Christmas to you all!